sobota 19. septembra 2009


All my bags are packed,

I'm ready to go
I'm standing' here
outside your door
I hate to wake you up
 to say goodbye


So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never
 let me go


I'll attend a conference in Montreal

I'll be back a week from tomorrow.


18 komentárov:

  1. Best wishes for a good trip and a nice stay... business is business but even though you may have a chance to enjoy some free time... Hugs, Belita

  2. My dear Belita, thank you for your wishes...I'll hope to have some free time there... It is my first visit of Canada and I'm really looking forward to know Montreal in reality...See you soon...

  3. Have a safe trip, heading for Toronto in a week myself

  4. Thank you iggy... I'm afraid a bit of such a long flight...

  5. Thanks a lot dear Baz...Maybe you will see me to fly back...:-))
    So enjoy your trip as well...

  6. My online-friend lives in Montreal :)

    Hope your conference goes well; hurry back and tell us all about it #smilesandhugs

  7. Oh come on Virera..You got to take Franki this time.......Please Darling....??
    You have a nice trip and dont worry about me I`ll be here ok on my own......
    Goodnight my love and take care..

  8. I used to sing this song when I wore a much younger man's clothes.
    May Mary Travers rest in peace.
    You have a terrific time, Viera, even though it is a long flight and a business trip.
    Enjoy. :-)

  9. Have a nice trip Viera, don't forget to visit
    the Montréal's Botanical Garden.
    They are really beautiful.
    Take care.

  10. I read in today's Montreal papers that a high ranking financial delegation has arrived from Bratislava, for consultations on
    the economic crisis around the world.
    And among the delegation is a "LADY" called Viera.
    So I figured that it might be....................
    you my dear I right?
    I will be honoured if you would accept to attend a concert with the
    " Imusici de Montreal"
    featuring 2 virtuoso pianists ( Saint-Saens, Mozart) under the direction of Yuli Turovsky.

    All my love and please be in touch (for a dinner maybe?)


    This is the site.......................... for tomorrow's concert

  11. Almost to late I think :-( Viera Have a safe trip I'll be waiting -- I'll send a message while your're in Montreal , see you , take care .

  12. Thank you Jon...The time passed very quickly and I'm back again...Hugs and smiles on your way...

  13. Dear Franky, I was waiting of you whole time...where were you?? Maybe you were on the wrong place :-)) Don't worry next time it will work...

  14. you are right Graham...She has died 4 days before my trip at her 72. She was a striking figure of power and glamour in the early-1960s folk music movement till now. The group collected five Grammy Awards for their three-part harmony on enduring songs - one of them was "Leaving on a Jet Plane"...Have a nice time Graham...HUGS

  15. Thanks regina for your visit...I didn't forget, definitely...A big hugs to you...

  16. It was right Vartkes...unfortunately I read your message too late...and have no time to visit that beautiful conccert...Maybe next time... Thanks for your visit here...Hugs

  17. Thanks for stopping by Fred, I'm safety back and again in my office...I'm looking forward to your messages...