nedeľa 4. októbra 2009


When a man loves too,
hardly know that the other
does not love at all...

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  1. Ha ha ha..... I agree with you, dear.....
    in my country, it calls.......

    ps. warning ! not ever in love with me, ok ?
    ha ha ha, kidding dear, .thanks for funny sharing !
    have a nice week, ciao.

    Hugs - Ham

  2. "One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love."

  3. was wondering where this quote came from-- and i was wondering if you have the comma in the right place-- and was also wondering if that is the entire quote. i googled it-- your site is the only one that comes up.-- i guess im wondering what it means to you. thanks- billy

  4. It was written it the same time as that blog ... It is hard to explicate why...

    However... "Love always has been and always will be a mystery. BE GLAD THAT IT CAME TO LIVE FOR A MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE. If you keep your heart open, it will come again..."

  5. is the comma in the right place?-- i will read the whole thing later-- but as it stands now it wouldnt make sense unless you moved the comma to after "hardly" but then i need to read the entire sentence