streda 9. februára 2011

What do women really want for Valentine’s Day?

What do women really want for Valentine's day?

Written by Alison A. Armstrong


Well… We want chocolates, mushy greeting cards,
flowers sent to the office, real jewellery
and much anticipated marriage proposals...
Or do we?
I think what women crave more than anything else is
And I was hoping to find it somewhere in that box
of Valentine’s chocolates. Is it between the caramels
and the nut chews?


Maybe the chocolates are
an expression of his Feelings for me.
And if I could break open those feelings,
like I broke open that mocha crème…
In my search for intimacy, I would gaze intently
into my boyfriend’s eyes and ask,

 “How do you feel about me?”
I thought that if I could get him to talk
about his feelings, then I would experience being
close to him. If he would “open up emotionally,”
then we could have those intimate moments
for which I longed. To know him, to connect
with him, I must connect with his emotions.
I must hear about his feelings.
Or so I thought.

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  1. yeah viera yah hit it rite on tha nailhead as tha sayin go who wants a box of chocolates if they ant no feeling behind it great quote tks

  2. I can absolutely understand it....Hugs

  3. Happy St, Valentine day to you too dear Vart...

  4. However is a dark chocolate :-)

  5. Thank you Beth for your visit and a lovely comment...

  6. Little late sis but but he really needs to open up to you as you do to him it a two person attachment.
    I also think with the closeness, connection and intimacy respect should be added.