piatok 23. septembra 2011


Friends are  the ”sunshine of Life...”

Tales and stories about friends
are told time and again to kids,
in order to let them understand
the true meaning of friendship.
Such stories help them know
how precious true friends are.
Some of the stories are timeless
and have been told through
generations. Others are based
on personal experiences.
However, one thing is common
in all of them and that is important
morals in life. Every story based
on friendship tells the fact
that true friends are gifts of God.
One should not let small
disputes and misunderstandings
strain friendships.

It may be easy to be friends
with everyone, but it is hard
to find friends who are really
true to friendship and would
stand by, during the hardships
of life. Not everyone is blessed
with true friends and if you
have even one,
consider yourself lucky.

Even in the blogosphere it is
much more difficult to find
a true friend who will stay
with you not only in the good
time but will stay beside you
also when you have a tough time…


17 komentárov:

  1. Beautiful and so true. I am blessed by God to have found a friend like you.

  2. This is so true and i thank god that I have of all the billions of people on earth to have you as my friend, through thick or thin.

  3. Welcome on my page Steve's friend...
    Thanks for a lovely song...

  4. Many, many thanks for your great words Jenny...My feeling is same...

  5. Deat Jenny I'm flattered by your words...

    A big hug back to you...

  6. Thank you,I'm Gary,The song included some great poetry about friendship,which is why I posted it..I wasn't trying to hijack the thread I just thought you may like :-)
    Pleased to meet you

  7. Me too Andrew...it is nice to have you as a friend......definitely...:-)

  8. Nice to meet you too, Gary...
    you're always welcome...
    Have a nice weekend...

  9. My pleasure dear Maria...Glad you like it...

  10. Although it is a beautiful song...it is probably the saddest
    song I've ever heard....
    However the first song has a good end...

    Hope your weekend was great...