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 Styria, town in the district of Bruck an der Mur, Austria, place of pilgrimage, tourist resort and winter sports resort situated on a hill on the upper reaches of the River Salza, near the Lower Austrian border and Lake Erlaufsee.

Mariazell started as a settlement set up beside a small monastery (Latin "cella") which was founded
by Benedictine monks of the monastery of St. Lambrecht
in the middle of the 12th century (probably in 1157).
It is said that the area was dedicated to a monastery
in 1103.

The monk Magnus was looking for a place to build his monastery and found his way blocked by a huge boulder. He set a wooden statue of Mother Mary on the boulder,and  prayed. Soon there was a great rumble
and the rock split in two, allowing him to pass through.
Magnus placed the statue reverently on a white branch and soon after, he and some of the local people built a small chapel to house the statue. Word of the miraculous statue of the Virgin quickly spread across the countryside, and the chapel had to be periodically expanded to accommodate the growing crowds.

Around 1480 pilgrims from16 different countries came
to Mariazell. The majority of pilgrims who visited Mariazell came from the Habsburg lands and the regions of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy...

The Mariazell region, it is the magic and tranquility of Advent that rise to the occassion for weekends in December with authentic Christmas customs.

Let's go to Mariazell.  Bring money with you for the outdoor shops in front of the Church. You can find yourself in colorful swirl, where the common effect  of sounds, scents, view takes people to a glorious heaven.

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  1. Spectacular! What a beautiful and quaint area. So wonderfully picturesque. My dream is to tour the European areas like this one, and experience their culture and beauty. And take a million photos!

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  3. That place is like a fairyland... I wish I can visit it some day...

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  5. Interesting story of the origin of a place. Hope that someday I can visit the town.

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