štvrtok 4. apríla 2013

Call it Spring

Spring has for me always been
the best time of the year.

Finally after a long winter,
small flowers start to pop up
and color the still brown surfaces
in yellow, blue, white pink, and lilac;
the first buds appear on the trees;
birds start to sing early
in the morning;

the daylight is back and
the sun up at 6 am;
air temperatures are slowly
creeping upwards;
winter clothes are gradually
disappearing and people
are enjoying the sunny day...

6 komentárov:

  1. It's my favourite time of the year, as well. So many beautiful awakenings. The world comes back to life!

  2. This year, I wonder the weather allows me to make the most of the joys of spring that keeps dormant... until when?... I have no idea...
    Nice photos, Viera!

  3. Thanks, Viera, for your recent visit. I hope you're feeling better. Have a great weekend with...sunshine, if possible.

  4. Toto miesto som spoznala podľa toho zábradlia, ktoré som raz fotila. Boli na ňom zaujímavé pavučiny :-) Chorvátske rameno medzi mojimi miestami, ktoré fotím, vedie.

  5. Toto len potvrdzuje, že Bratislava je malá... Zato tebe nič neujde...Super :-)

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