nedeľa 9. novembra 2008


Some years ago, before the sun decided to hide behind the clouds and chills of the night crept into the day, someone told me that true love is just a myth; it is something authors invented and it only existed in their books!

I sighed and for a second there, I almost believed…

Then, I met a love story, one which has been there for years and is still going on…

I doubted again: True love does exist!

To another couple I dedicate this piece of writing…

Maybe some deny the existence of love and its great power,
Yet others still sense, smell, taste and live love by the hour.

Maybe we've never been introduced to love some time before,
And maybe it just didn't yet find its way to our door.

Yet seeing those two together made me again see and believe,
Love does exist, love in its purest form, one which won't lie or deceive.

Their fight for each other made my heart warm and tingle with bliss,
Their struggle with the world to embrace that love filled me with happiness.

Nothing is always perfect and they knew they needed to hold on,
The world outside their love is irrelevant, their fear of tomorrow almost gone.

Seeing those two fight, play and joke around , I must say -
So thank you both for everything and your love I will always protect and adore…



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  1. Roman Holiday is a great movie. :-)
    I like your words.
    If true love does not exist, then the world has been living a lie for a very long time.

  2. A politician speech in a holy hill..
    you must know when god created your self, God knows who the true love will you have as your own how you will find?
    first key is heart..
    you cant count how many feel in the heart of you but God knows how many kind of stream feelings for you than that the stream fillings are your capten..including for finding true love on prespective true love of live partner
    why so hard to find becouse you never hear your stream fillings in your heart
    when you got it your brain will be translate you can follow the way..
    when you hear and think your stream feeling from your heart dont ever you imagine who is the human beeing
    will be staying beside you...
    just make conclution that you very need a true love
    then god will be sending your angel..
    then dont spend your time...
    dont let the earth alert you finding a true love in a old ages of you
    if it so you just make a tyrannie

  3. True words, Wise words, every word of yours
    Without my lover, life's meaningless, I'll be surely at loss
    Viera dearest.. can't deny it, I totally agree
    Love makes us complete, cheering us with glee

    hugs, love your poem.....

  4. Beautiful! True love does exist in the hearts of those who knows how to make sacrifices for the other....

  5. Beautiful Viera... and the music is perfect as well... :-)

    ** Viera... my heritage is Czech...half of it. My Grandfather was born in there, before it was the Czech Republic... We have similar hertiage...**

  6. However the question about true love has no definite answer... Do we truly love only once in our life? ...At what age are we supposed to meet our love?... Does it last for a lifetime or just for a while?... Probably everyone has his own answers to this questions... The truth is that no one should spend life chasing ideals or building relationships by some model of a true love... One will probably fail and miss the real thing beyond all this...

  7. I do not know what to say. As General MacArthur said when he left the Phillipines, "I will return!". Thanks for the sharing. If you come to understand true love, I want to be the first to hear all about it. I just know my heart, and that would get personal. My love interest is OVERSEAS from me! Sometimes one can observe a love that is not the perfect match it appears to be! Three

  8. i agree of you
    who says true love just once in a life
    i will make it clear..
    how many true love that we gona get..?
    i will say many..but do we need many true love in a one whole our life?

    how about if our partner of life died ?
    beside and behind true love there is a DIGnity
    true love never make scratch a Dignity
    our dignity and our partner's dignity
    so will be there is a second, third, etc for true love and never scratch the dignity
    that depends the situation and condition which is the second true love happen

    how about separated true love..true love never separated
    so in fact there is saparated true love..many cases
    this is very dangerous thing..
    why simple when we got true love we dont know exactly that we do realy have found the true love both man and woman
    if our heart so sharp we never choose wrong people
    believe me

  9. So glad to see your messages on my page Graham, yes I mean Love is a powerful thing and can encourage people to do things they normally wouldn’t....Wish you a terrific week...

  10. welcome Daeng...I agree with you , “I love you.” These three little words might possibly be the most powerful statement one can make to another person...In life, women dream of their Prince Charming to come and sweep them off their feet, while men search for the love of their life that sets their heart on fire.. It's not always easy...Have a nice Sunday...

  11. My dear have made my day in your special way. By your beautiful message and the kind words that you write. I wish you all the best that this life can give...may your days be filled with blessings and love...

  12. hello margo...your visit make me happy...So glad to see your sweet messages on my page...May this day bring you great joy and happiness and may you be surrounded by the amazing warmth of love....

  13. MRTHREE.... did General MacArthur say 'I will return' or 'I SHALL RETURN'? I think it was the latter. Pls correct me if I am wrong.

  14. Hi, Viera, what shall I say? A lovely post... beautiful background music... perfect pictures... Well, regarding true love much could be written but not sure whether there are words that can express exactly what 'true love' is or means. True love does happen, most of the times unexpectedly and being it a deep sentiment, only the language of the heart can understand it and/or 'express' it. I would say that when one falls in love always believes it's a 'true love', otherwise has not fallen in love in the strict sense of the word 'love'. If we think of love as being not 'true', it can not be called love but something quite different. Regretfully, the word 'love' is often misused and mistaken...

  15. "I have returned" thereabouts I read about it...

  16. my dear Lexy ..Sorry....for you I will write's too late here...

  17. Great prose. Makes hope spring eternal for us all. Thanks for reminding us!

    My submission for picture perfect is here:

  18. general mac you know a poem from him "father's pray" it is one of the way to find love and true love in a life..

  19. Lexy...My very special friend...Love is always a great study :o)... I'm so happy that you appreciated the blog, thank you for the warmth of your comments, it is always an honor to hear that we have a similar heritage... Have a beautiful day sweetie...

  20. Hello MrThree... my dear friend, you have a very unique precious way to light up the stars in my sky...I know that you have to travel away for some days, but after your return we'll talk about many things...Have a nice trip...HUGS

  21. I believe you daeng...for someone it is simply to find a true love and someone will never find it...That's the life...

  22. you wrong viera every body will find the true love...event some second before is real viera...

  23. ...welcome Michael...yes my favourite actor Gregory Peck symbolize here love story...I loved him...The romance from that movie is lovely... Have a terrific afternoon and a great week...Are you always so busy...?

  24. Dear Belita, you are the most clever and the most talented person that I know.. Simply "The best" are very powerful with your words and your always take the time to stop by my page to leave a message...It is a pleasure to have you as my friend ...thank you for being YOU...Hope you are having a great day...HUGS

  25. Dear Abby ...Thank you so much. for visiting...Wishing you a day filled with joy and happiness...

  26. yes..that's true Daeng...but that is another view of love was a spiritual legacy to his son Arthur...

  27. how you can be so are so young...There are thousands of different opinions on love, ranging from good to bad, and from real to nonexistent. I personally believe that true love is real, and is out there for anybody willing to give it a chance...

  28. Wow... Viera... I feel a bit embarassed after reading your words.... You sound like a Latin lady... A little exaggerated, LOL! It's always a pleasure to visit your entries and drop a comment. My modest way to reciprocate your cheerful friendship... Hope you have had a good start of the week...Hugs and smiles, Belita

  29. So glad to see your messages on my page again...I hope that you're fully recovered now...I wish it for you...Have a nice evening...

  30. love exist as much as we have invited it to..i love this! thank you..jimm

  31. Hello Viera - very very beautiful text -- where did you find this :-) I just drop in to wish you all the best -- Sorry for my absence -- but we have a lot to deal with !!

  32. Thank you for your visit Jimm, you mean that it is so simply...I'm not so sure...but one I know by all have to search for... don't end up ...simply making do - it's worth the wait....

  33. Hello Fred, where were you so long...Glad that you enjoyed my blog...I thing you know very well what I are also Taurus...We can only identify true love and know when we have found it...that's true...