štvrtok 30. apríla 2009



May in people’s imagination is traditionally connected with love, cheer, and spring birth. And thus since age-long times various celebrations and meetings in towns and countryside have been held.

The first of May is time of love in my country.

Traditionally, a boy would plant a May Tree in front of the house of the girl he fancied the night before May Day. The lucky girl would also get a kiss under a blossoming cherry tree that day.


" Dreams of Love "

Make that love from your heart forever true,
Follow all those dreams that come from you.
Express these feelings from your heart so deep,
With in your heart and soul that meet.
All that love from dreams, from the start,
Forever shows with in your heart.
Don't hide the dreams that come from you,
Share that love from dreams so true.
Express that love from dreams you know,
Those dreams of love so true will grow.

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  1. Oh Viera that's so lovely that story about the tree....It shows that Love is not dead it so much alive ...Really lovely.
    The Poem is beautiful really you know I am a Romantic Viera Now the strings of my heart are pulling hard...So sweet though art..........
    Love Franki

  2. How big is a may tree? think they would let me take one on a air plane?

  3. Wow... Viera... what a beautiful and lovely tradition! I had never heard of anything like that, before. I wish I were younger and one of your fellow-citizens to have a chance to wake up on May 1 and see a newly planted tree in front of my house, assuming that someone would have done it, obviously!!!! Enjoy the long weekend. I suppose that May 1 is a National Day in Slovakia, right? Hugs, Belita

  4. Et voila ma chere amie Viera,

    Have a beautiful happy joyful May Day
    smell the flowers, sing and dance ,
    share your happiness with whoever built "that" tree for you
    Life is a dream
    and happy ones are meant to be true
    Love always,

  5. love me some phil collins...nice blog

  6. yes Frank ...and each boy must to try compete to get taller maypoles for his girl than their rival...Thanks for your comment...

  7. wow...that tall may-tree in front of my house is from you Andrew..?

  8. yes belita...my pleasure I'll have a long weekend...and the may-tree is a tradition going back to the 16th century... But I'm sure Belita , when you live in my country that you'll find on first May morning a tallest may-tree in front of your house...

  9. your visit Regal makes me a big pleasure...Have a nice May and love time...

  10. I wish same to you my dear Vartkes...and enjoy this love time...

  11. Thank you Graham...have a lovely day...

  12. I love Phil Collins as well...Thanks for your visit Kammy...

  13. you are a flower child, Viera!
    it suits you so well!


    love you, dear!

  14. I My dear corinna, I love romance. I'm a sucker for it. I love it so much. It's pathetic...

  15. wow... it is really towering tree , just to my window...

  16. LOL......I googled May trees. there very pretty

  17. Some days are cloudy and gray
    and it seems as if the rain is
    chasing all your dreams away

    While other days are bright
    and sunny
    making you feel as though the
    you can accomplish day I have
    one wish coming your way...
    I hope you have had a wonderfully
    nice day...

  18. Very nice, I hope you have sweet dreams. I will look for a cheery tree while you sleep LOL

  19. Oh yes, I know what May day is. it is celebrated in different ways in different countries.