pondelok 11. mája 2009

Let's dance in the rain

Let's dance in the rain

And here we sit
In the same old place.
I just can't stop
Staring at your face.

We're falling apart
Holding each other -
Never let me go,
We'll love one another.

Won't you come
and dance with me awhile?
Only one thing I
Desire - to see your smile.

Smile as we dance,
Laugh away the pain,
Just promise you'll
Dance with me in the rain.

Dance as you laugh
Dance as you cry,
Just dance with me,
As you let out a sigh.

Now dance with me,
Dance away your pain.
Show me your love,
Let's dance in the rain.

20 komentárov:

  1. Viera this is awesome ... Perfect music, words, and painting. You did a fantastic job on mixing these all together..... Bravo !!!!!

  2. Any where, any time. :-)
    Beautiful words and music.
    Thanks, Viera. :-)

  3. Hello Viera the birthday girl
    I have sent you a message wishing you a healthy, wealthy, loving and caring year and forever.............
    I have sent you a message wishing you good luck today May the 11th ,and forever..............................

    Do you know why?
    Because you deserve it

    those messages are in a safe and sacred place,
    Love always,

    I am now leaving Toronto for home, ciao.

  4. Thank you a lot Joel for your awesome comment and visiting my page...

  5. thaan let's dance my birthday's dance in the rain...

  6. Thank you Graham to your chivalry... I am such a lucky girl to be your friend...

  7. ...dear Vartkes, thank you so much for what your wrote to me this day...I hope your days are sun filled as well...

  8. Awww! Sweet Poem Viera....
    I love this blog.

    Viera dance with partner,,,, he...hee...he...

  9. Glad you like the poem Rosa...your dancing cartoons brought a bright smile on my face.....Thank you for sharing...

  10. Welcome babygirl...glad you like my blog...that bring happiness to my day...Have a wonderful day ...

  11. Just so you know, good looking, until you hit comments, there are two songs playing. Now, the poem. I would be honored to dance with you, Princess Viera of European ancestry. I would love to see all those things in reality = you smiling, laughing, sighing. In the rain, out of the rain, right here in the good ole USA, too! Maybe in Canada, or Vienna. Do we dine before or after such a grand dance together? Thanks for the very interesting blog - reveals your soul. Three

  12. Picture, words and music, what a super combination! Each one 'per si' is excellent! Thanks for sharing this beauty on here.

  13. So than it is my birthday's dance in the rain with you...thank you so much for what your wrote to me this day...Enjoy it...

  14. Oh thank you belita for your lovely comment...Glad you like it...

  15. Great blog Viera
    I'm sorry I am late but Happy Birthday to a wonderful friend. I would love to dance with you in the rain :)

  16. Thank you buckroo...that bring happiness to my day...A bright smile on my face.....You have touched my heart...