nedeľa 10. januára 2010


In a moment of decision,
the best thing you can do
is the right thing to do.
The worst thing you can do
is nothing.
Theodore Roosevelt

5 komentárov:

  1. Yes but sometimes Viera the right thing turns out to be the wrong thing for me....????

  2. I would not fully agree to that quote. One can believe that's the right thing at the time of decision-making, however, with the passing of the time it may turn out to be exactly the contrary.

  3. if you do the right thing then it would be better then doing nothing. makes sense, Roosevelt did many right things instead of nothing.

  4. hello Andrew...I agree with you and with Roosvelt as well...:-)

  5. Yeah! Better to do best you can than do nothing.

    Smart guy! :)