sobota 30. januára 2010

Steampunk Boudoir by Va5ilich

This seductive photosession is called “Steampunk Boudoir” and was created by talanted Russian photographer Mikhail Kiryanov - Va5ilich.

This pretty intersting experiment - combination beautiful and gentle girl with various steampunk accessories - is definetely worth for your attention.


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  1. Glad you like it as well... Have a nice weekend...

  2. Va5ilich is very creative artworks photographer from Moscow, Russia... Thanks for visiting...

  3. That's pretty cool.
    Va5ilich must be very creative photographer.
    I've never seen his work before.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Hello Regina...I'm very glad you visited Va5ilich's photography collection...I like it very much as well...Have a nice Sunday evening...HUGS

  5. my dear viera,
    i cant stay here like i was around your page there,
    where you know. hope you are happy where i am.
    kisses & love,

  6. Dear Antonio, you are most welcome here...Thank for your visit...wishing you a terrific week...kisses & love...

  7. Great and very artistiek pictures ; Thanks Viera :-)

  8. I'm very glad you like it Fred...I'm very happy to see you on my page again...I'm try to survive my business time, but the time is passing by very quickly ... What about tennis??? Have a nice time...