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History of Chateau Appony

Chateau Appony

Oponice is a small village located between Topolcany and Nitra in Slovakia. Its history is so vast it can touch the stars. It was looked after  by the Appony dynasty from 1392. Their descendents stayed there until 1940.

They were excellent diplomats, rich and influential people of the Austrian – Hungarian empire. They collected  one of the greatest  libraries of its time in the Central Europe  called the Bibliothecu Apponianu.

The most famous landmark of this region is undoubtebly the Appony castle, which was the first seat of Appony dynasty. Its ruins reflect an old man who stares into a grave.

Chateau Appony is an renaissance chateau, the seat of Appony dynasty for more than six centuries.  In Chateau Appony artifacts of legendary American bombers  called the flyingfortress B17 , that finished  their military mission here at the end of second world war.


Conflicts between the members of the Appony dynasty caused their departure from the castle at the beginning of 17th century , as they could not agree on usage of its common  parts. The castle then decayed and became the seat of the rebelant army of Frantisek Rakoczi II. which lead to its unfortunate demise. After the crush of the rebellion by the Kaiser army,  it was destroyed along with other Slovak castles, and has remained a ruin until now.

 The castle used to be an inspiration for novelists, poets and painters of the 19th century.

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