sobota 17. júna 2006


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Beautiful gardens with views across
the mountains and the Coast below,
surround this home of the powerful
medieval family.
It is a magnificent building;
its Moorish cloisters beckoning
from an avenue shaded
 by ancient trees.

The extensive gardens of exotic
plants and brilliantly coloured flowers
frame vistas of the water far below.

Here, each Spring a Wagnerian festival
is held at sunset;
there, suspended high
above the cerulean sea
and the coastline, the composer
is commemorated, and so too is
the inspiration he derived
from his love of Ravello.

"Ah moon of my delight that knows no wane

The moon of heaven is rising once again

How oft hereafter rising shall she look

Through this same garden after us in vain".


It is no wonder then,
that this town, with its head
in the clouds and its clear,
sunny climate, has appealed
for centuries to writers, artists,
musicians, travellers...
and dreamers!

Boccaccio, D.H. Lawrence and
Wagner are among the "greats"
who succumbed to
the spell of Ravello.



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