piatok 16. júna 2006

Tengo la camisa negra

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Tengo la camisa negra

hoy mi amor esta de luto

Hoy tengo en el alma una pena

y es por culpa de tu embrujo

Hoy sé que tú ya no me quieres

y eso es lo que más me hiere

que tengo la camisa negra

y una pena que me duele


Have a wonderful weekend


I have a black shirt

Today my love is in mourning


Today I have a pain in my soul

And it is because of your spell


Today I know that you don't love me

And that's what hurts me most

That's why I have the black shirt

And a pain that hurts me



2 komentáre:

  1. Nice Spanish song that is very popular also here, in Portugal. Hope your weekend has been as nice as mine and the week that has started now brings you some enjoyable moments. Hugs and smiles.

  2. Thank you Belita...my weekend was great...For the next week I wish you the very same...Hugs