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    Palmyra is from Greek, and means "city of palm trees". The original pre- Semitic name was Tadmur, which is still used as the local Arabic name.

ImageAccording to tradition, Palmyra was founded by Solomon
but the town is mentioned in sources 9 centuries older.

ImageThe total area of today's ruins is impressive, giving a fair indication of the size of the original city. The network of main streets are still there, with the 1,2 km long main colonnaded street running from west to east, ending in the Temple of Bel.

    Immediately to the south of this street lies the Senate, the Agora and the theatre. The latter still stands in almost full glory. The architecture is predominantly Corinthian, but there are clear influences from Mesopotamia and Persia. To the southwest lies a fascinating area of tower and underground tombs. Most of the tower tombs dates back to the pre-Roman period, while the underground tombs were in use until 251 CE.

Let's go Ismeralda to speak about your country  ..."and please add my  favourite song  مأثر فيه – حصري  - this song is really touch my heart indeed"...

The empress of Rome was from Homs as you mentioned.Her name was Julia Donna. She was intelligent lady. Septem Sepher fell in love with her and married her.

He married her before he became the emperor.

Then her sister Julia Meeza, and her nephews Julia Somea and Julia Mamah became all the empress of Rom (of course one by one) till 235. They rule Rom and the world at that time.

Homs is called the city of the black stones because all its ground was made from black stones at that time and till now there are some black stones streets.

Also, there is a special thing related only to Homs and Homeian people all over Syria which is funny and people use it as a joke. It is said that every Wednesday Homsian people became crazy and do very funny things or even stupid. Of course that wasn't come from nothing there is a story about this. I will tell you it in brief. It was said that years ago there was a cruel leader wanted to invade Homs (he was invaded the cities of Syria one by one) then when the Homsi people heard that he will come to Homs with his soldiers. Homsi people decided not to fight him and meet him

Then some of Homsi people held their shoes in their hands and started to clap the other held pots and made a huge noise , after that when that leader saw that view he said to his soldiers" what I will do with these cra " what I will do with these crazy people it is better to move to another city".

That event was on Wednesday. All Homsi people are known of their humour spirit and intelligence and all jokes about Homsi in Syria...


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