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is a very old city of Syria, the hill over looking the city was found to be inhabited since 2300 B.C. Homs became important during the roman empire. Two of its natives became empirors. The city today, is the 3rd largest city in Syria. it is a big Agricultural, industrial, and commercial center.
The historical sights in Homs today are few. However Homs is known for its nice people, and warm culture. Homs is surrounded by a beutiful country side filled with things to see. The nature also is breath taking. the midetarranian is only 50 minutes away to the west, and Palmyera is only 90 minuits to the east.

One of my friends live in Homs and she is studying at the university translation Arabic/English.

Let's read some her consideration about the life.... surely with  Ismeralda's favourite  song:


When I was child I did not recognise the real meaning of life. I did not know what was waiting for me. I did not care about anything. Maybe the most important thing for me was watching my cartoon series , did my homework , played with my relatives or my friends or even sleeping between my dad and mum then they were telling me stories and singing a nice songs. I was so innocent girl, so simple and happy.

I had very funny ideas when I remember how I was thinking when I was child, and how I think now... I tend to cry because life is really hard and my thoughts was really simple and nice but I cannot applied it in this hard life. Suddenly, I found myself grow and grow and knew many new things about this life. I don't know if I'm really happy or not. Sometimes I feel as if I'm walking on air or totally over the moon then I realise that behind this wonderful feelings there is something sad something I do not know what it is.

Oh my God ! When I was child I thought that it is impossible for anyone to lie or to do anything bad. I trusted all people whom I met. I believed all things that I heard .....but yes ... It was a childish thoughts ... Just a childish thoughts and nothing else... because life isn't going on like that especially nowadays world .....war... , bloodshed.., death.., poverty,....

I was still thinking like that till I became 17 or maybe 18 I didn't remember exactly. At that time, I became a university student. I met a wonderful people one of them was my professor who passed away for about 8 months ago. By the way, it was my first shock in my life which was very painful. He changed completely my way of thinking and helped me to decide what my aim is, and how to be a useful person. He was my example. Also my new university friends...., you cannot imagine how I feel happy when I meet them and talk with them I have many, many friends. I should always thank Allah for this beautiful gift.

Oh , life is really hard ,although it is sweet. Maybe I'm too young (20yeard old) to think in this way but our hard life force us to think as if we are older than our real age - do you agree with me ...

Moreover, the BBC message board added many nice things to me. It gives me an opportunity to talk with people all over the world. I've talked about many things with many people. We should always forget our sorrows because life is going on and it is not waiting for anyone. We should do our best to be strong and face this life with strength confidence and of course love. With my best wishes for a happy life for ALL...

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