utorok 27. júna 2006

I'll miss you

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To my winsome Blog's friend...

Today I found a following post from my amiable Blog's friend:

"To all my friends: I am finding that because of the extreme demands of my job as well as family responsibilities that I may have to give up 360 altogether for now. I am finding I have little time for my own blog and little time to visit my friends blogs on 360 and I am painfully aware of this. I have to say I'm unhappy and angry about this forced choice I feel I have to make because I value all of you. I'm finding I have less and less time for things I love because of the unrealistic demands that I am constantly faced with at work especially. I hope you understand that I think the world of all of you and my decision has to do with nothing other than my inability to keep up as a loyal friend on 360 In the meantime...my heart is with all of you. Peace be with all of you my dear friends...."

I was very happy to receive your first contact message, full of beautiful flowers and lovely words. If you really will to give up 360
... I'll miss you here...

I've been missing you, more than words can say,

And that I've been thinking about it every day,

Well tonight's our night for dancing nice and slow,

Because now I've found you, I'm never letting go,

No, now I've found you, I'm never letting go;

I've been missing you... I've been missing you, darling,

I've been missing you... I've been missing you.

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